Drilling and Insitu Tests

Natural Gamma Spectroscopy

Natural radioactive is measured by Natural Gamma Spectroscopy. This 1024 channel probe is used to determine different radioactive element (potassium, torium, uranium) developed to provide detection probe with wide spectrum.

Natural Gamma measurement is executed in borehole with this system is manufactured by Robertson Geologging.

  • Determining some of the properties of clay type soils like the clay volume so that the rocks were formed, the source rock, depositional environment, diagenesis and petro-physical characters (surface area, pore structure, etc.)
  • Real lithology is determined in complex lithology thereby identifying other radioactive elements.
  • Determined stilioid, fracture and discordance.
  • Determined uranium (in uranium mine), potassium (in evaporite) and organic hydrocarbon potential
  • Finding facies and cycle of the environment
  • Finding and interpreting of radioactive mineral
  • Uranium values are also good data to show movement of ground water in borehole that is drilled before and also uranium values are higher in permeable zone than less permeable zones.