Drilling and Insitu Tests

PS Logging

PS method is performed for the detection of low velocity zone which is undetectable with conventional surface seismic. A method for determining soil dynamic modules by using P wave velocity and S wave velocity.

The source is activated that is settled at the bottom of probe is hanged in the wells is filled with fluid (generally water). The source is applied pressure in the horizontal direction by via fluid is in borehole thus P waves is generated that is distributed from source. Fluid is in borehole shaked, receiver is shaked with water and sensed movement. Wave velocities of 1m height ground column between receivers are obtained with this method.

PS logging is the most appropriate method that can be applied very deep and bottom of the seabed. Among major advantages; the measurements can be done very quickly, very detailed profile can be obtained thereby measurements range chosen too small that is measured operator- independent with automatic mode.