Drilling and Insitu Tests

Seismic Measurements

In seismic meaurements, the travelling time of the elastic waves which are artificially generated by a source, in the subsoil, travelling by means of reflecting and refracting, is measured. Subsoil models are generated which determine the seismic wave velocity and the thicknesses of layered regions by using the time versus distance records which are processed suitable methods. The calculated seismic velocities of the layers are used to characterize some of the properties of natural or man-made man subsurface materials.


  • Seismograph, Sara DoREMİ,
  • PC
  • Trigger cable,
  • Seismic energy source (sledge hammer, explosive for deeper research, etc)
  • Seismic geophone cable,
  • 4.5 Hz. geophones (24 pcs).

There are two ways to identify the subsoil;

  • Refraction: The seismic wave reaches to the interface between two different materials, the waves are refracted along the interface according to Snell's Law(different wave velocities).
  • Reflection: The generated wave from a source, travels down into the earth and gets partially reflected back to the surface at each geological boundary.