ZEMIN ETUD, firstly, reviews the most appropriate options for enabling collection of accurate data from site. It coordinates integrated operation of geotechnical instruments determined according to project characteristics and parameters to be measured with other devices. Thanks to well organization of its teams of specialists, it ensures fast and economic delivery of instruments to site.

After completion of all pre-installation preparations outside of site, ZEMIN ETUD teams finalize installation quickly without disturbing schedule of employees or machines apparent at site. Conveying any and all kind of information to commissioned personnel prior to installation, ZEMIN ETUD fulfils necessary post-installation office studies (documentation, data processing and use of software) in complete.

It informs personnel in detail about safety and maintenance of instruments, data collection - processing, generating and presentation of measurement graphics.

Following up data on daily, weekly and monthly basis for your projects, ZEMIN ETUD, when required, also installs computer-aided automatic data collection systems and thus offers an opportunity to collect thousands of data within a day.

ZEMIN ETUD provides solid technical assistance on all subjects like data collection, installation and reading, documentation, repair of defective instruments, system management, software and testing.

ZEMIN ETUD realizes all services with regard to use of the most efficient instruments for accurate measurement parameters at the most suitable point, completion of installation, free from all defects, processing and presentation of data obtained at right intervals with its experienced project team and technical staff.

Borehole Rod Extensometers (D222): They are installed in boreholes in order to monitor displacements at various depths, using rods of different materials and lengths. Available both with vibrating wire and potentiometer transducers.

Removable Extensometer (T-REX): T-Rex is a removable extensometer which has been designed forincremental measurements along the axis of inclinometer casing equipped with magnetic rings. Supplied with software for data analisys.

Vibrating Wire Strain Gauges (VK400): They are utilized to monitor strain in steel or reinforced concrete and mass concrete structures. SG are particularity durable and thermally- aged to minimize long-term drift and changes in calibration.

NATM Stress Cells (L200): They consists of a pressure pad connected to a transducer through an hydraulic line, filled with de-aired oil. NATM stress cells are supplied with C6002 readout that display readings direcly in MPa.

Readout Units (CRD): CRD-400 is the new hand-held universal readout designed to read any kind of Sisgeo instruments. Amongst many features are the color graphic display, the Ni-MH rechargeable battery and the splash-proof casing.

Telecoordinometer (TEL-310S): It is an optical device designed for automatic measurement of the coordinates of the pendulum plumb lines. All TEL-310S units are waterproof so temporary submersion do not demage instruments.

Embankment Extensometers (D232): They are utilized to measure soil strain in large earth structures. At the construction stage, embankment extensometers are usually embedded in the filling material.

Vibrating Wire Piezometers (PK45): Their construction technology makes them particularly suitable for long-term monitoring. They are commonly employed to control water pore pressure. Available both with HAE and LAE filters.

Earth Pressure Cells (L140): Aimed to monitor the total pressure in earth fill dams and embankments or on the interface between the structure and the excavation wall. Available both in vibrating wire or electrical model.

Data Acquisition System (OMNIA): It is designed for field use, available in different models. All versions are housed in water-resistant IP65 stainless steel enclosures OMNIA is suited also for alarm notification and remote data transmission.

Wire Crakmeter (D241): Aimed at monitoring changes in the distance between two anchor points located at up to 30 m apart. The wire crakmeter consists of a stainless steel transducer box and an expansion anchor target.

Inclinometer Probes (S200 and S400): Available both in removable and in-place version, they are able to measure lateral earth movement in landslides and instable areas. In- place MEMS model is supplied with built-in thermistor.

Casagrande Piezometer (P100): Intended for measuring pore water pressure. The filters are made of high density polyethylene with a threaded cap joint for two ½" tubes ore one 1½" tube.

Dex In-place Extensometers (DEX): They are designed for automatic monitoring of settlement or heave. Dex probes can be placed at different depths where the settlement occurs with reference points at the top or bottom of the casing.

Jointmeters (D300): They could be installed for cracks and/or joint relative movement monitoring. Jointmeters are available both with vibrating wire and potentiometer transducers in order to suite to any application.

Anchor Load Cells (L200): They consist of a ring shaped steel body which incorporate from 8 to 16 electrical resistance strain gauges in a full bridge configuration. Typical applications are testing of anchor systems in tunnelling or deep excavations.

Tilli Portable Tiltmeter: TILLI is a portable tiltmeter. It consists of a rugged stainless steel frame with aluminium sensor housing containing the MEMS technology inclinometer.

Spot Weldable Strain Gauges (VK410): They measure strains in steel structures and can be quickly and easilly installed in the field. They only require the use of portable spot welder or epoxy bonding for installation procedures.

Thermometers (T111): They are of critical importance to evaluate the influence of thermal effects on measurements and structures. Sisgeo uses two types of devices to monitor temperature: thermistors and PT-100.

Differential Settlement Monitoring System (DSM): Relying on the principle of communicating vessels, they are able to measure variations in differential subsidence of the structure, which they are installed on.